Terms and conditions

The following terms of use govern the use of the services offered to users1 of the MCA Morocco portal.

Access and use of services implies acceptance and compliance with these conditions.

1. Hypertext links:

MCA Morocco contains links to other sites but it is not responsible for the availability or non-availability of their contents, their viruses or any other harmful elements encountered. In addition, the provision of links to external sites shall not be construed as the endorsement of the content of such sites or their products and services.

2. Prohibited activities:

By using this portal, you shall not:

- Viewing, sending or transmitting to or through the portal any illegal, illicit, harmful, harassing, defamatory, threatening, vulgar, or sexually explicit, hateful or reprehensible material.

- Using any material that exploits children or is invasive or in violation of another person's privacy or other rights or other matter that only MCA Morocco has the right to post or transmit.

- creating accounts by automated means or under false or fraudulent pretexts.

- Downloading or making available harmful files or software.

- pretending to be another user or other person by using his name.

- Reproducing the content of the site because it represents a copyright and an intellectual property.

3. Limits of liability:

It should be noted that MCA Morocco disclaims all responsibility for any content posted by its users of which they are the sole and unique responsible. MCA Morocco invites you to take the necessary precautions because by accepting the rules of use ,you acknowledge being responsible for your behaviour in connection with the use of MCA Morocco and all the consequences that may result.

4. Conduct on the forum

1. Anything that falls under the law (piracy, incitement to racial hatred, etc ...) is forbidden. Respect for copyrights and intellectual property is required.

2. Courtesy is de rigueur (in strictness).

3. Participation in forum discussions under multiple nicks is not allowed.

4. Duplicates are not allowed. Please do not post the same subject in several sections to avoid the scattering of discussions.

5. Please respect the readers of the forum, do not write your messages in SMS or phonetic style.

6. If you find a message that you deem illegal on the forum, please contact the moderators who will be able to delete any message deemed inappropriate.

5. Registration, User Account, IDs (Identifiers) and Passwords:

The creation of a user account requires an identifier (email address) and a password.

Passwords are confidential, personal, non-transferable and incommunicable. The user is responsible for the storage, protection, management of passwords and the consequences of any use made of them. MCA Morocco will in no way be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the accounts attributed to its users.

6. Personal data:

The personal information communicated by the user as well as those collected by the portal by any other means in the context of the use thereof are the subject of personal data processing implemented by MCA Morocco.

By registering on the portal and accepting these terms of use, you expressly agree that the personal data are processed by MCA Morocco in order to create a directory of skills or, where appropriate, a more appropriate service, as well as to communicate information about you to applicants and / or providers of skills.

7. Right to suspend an account:

MCA Morocco reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the access of the user to the portal and in case of temporary or permanent inactivity in case of breach of the conditions of use.

8. Deleting the user account:

At any time, the user can request the deactivation or permanent deletion of his account from the contact page.

In particular, MCA Morocco may delete any user account that does not respect the conditions of use. It may also do so for administrative purposes, for security reasons or if it remains unused.

Any deletion of a user account, whether done by you or the portal, is without possibility of recovery.

User data remains confidentially stored in MCA Morocco databases for archival purposes only.

9. Communication to users:

MCA Morocco communicates with its users by appropriate means, depending on their nature or purpose. MCA Morocco users must distinguish at this best the official communications of the portal from tentatives of hacking, phishing or spamming.

10. The security of the portal:

You are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of this portal. MCA Morocco will review all events involving or potentially involving such violations and will assist any law enforcement authority to prosecute any user involved in such acts.

11. Changes of the Terms of Use:

MCA Morocco reserves the right at any time to modify the terms of use, subject to informing users by any means, including posting an indication of such changes on the portal.

12. Knowledge of the document:

You acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions, understand them and agree to be bound by their terms and conditions. You agree that this document is the complete and exclusive definition of the agreement between you and MCA Morocco, which supersedes any previous offer or agreement, oral or written, and any other communication between you and MCA Morocco regarding the subject of these terms of use.

1 Portal User: refers to anyone who chooses to access the portal and benefit from its services, the term includes the offerorsand applicants of skills.