Strategic Orientation Board

The MCA-Morocco Agency is administered by a Strategic Orientation Council (SCO), chaired by the Head of Government and assisted by a Management Committee to oversee the implementation of Compact II.

As such, the SCO has all the powers necessary for the administration of the MCA-Morocco Agency and settles, through its deliberations, general questions of interest to the Agency, in particular the supervision and coordination of the implementation of the Program in accordance with the Compact, the approval of implementing agreements and the approval of contracts concluded between the Agency and third parties.

The SCO has among its members:

  • The government authorities in charge of the sectors concerned by the projects and activities of the program;
  • A representative of the most representative organization of private companies in Morocco;
  • A representative from associations working in the field of education;
  • One representative from women's organisations operating in the sectors related to the Compact's subject Program.