Bid Challenge System

The bid challenge system (BCS) allows bidders to challenge the decisions of the MCA-Morocco Agency taken in connection with the award of a given contract.

The contestation shall be examined by an ad hoc committee within the Agency. The contesting bidder may appeal against the decision of this committee.

The appeal is handled by experts from the Casablanca Arbitration and Mediation Centre (CIMAC). The appeal procedure is subject to a fee. The protestor must advance the costs of this procedure. These costs are reimbursed if he wins the case, in part or in full, depending on the decision of the Appeal Panel.

As a general rule, the signature of a contract may only take place after the tenderers have exhausted the possibilities of contestation and appeal, unless the MCA-Morocco Agency decides otherwise, in the cases defined in the BCS.

This sub-item includes :

  • The BCS;
  • The members of the appeal panel;
  • The fee schedule for the appeal procedure.