Gender and Social Inclusion Dimensions Action Plan (PAGIS)

Developed in accordance with MCC's gender policy and guidelines, the Gender and Social Inclusion Action Plan (GISAP) reflects the commitment of the various Compact stakeholders to promote social inclusion and gender during all stages of the Compact's design and implementation.

The objective of the PAGIS is to ensure that socio-economic constraints that may affect people's full participation and access to project benefits are mitigated and that additional opportunities for ensuring inclusive participation are identified.

The PAGIS is a reference document intended for the different structures in charge of implementing Compact II (Agence MCA-Morocco, Project Management Units, contractors and consultants) and their partners, so that they can integrate, in a fluid and transversal way, the gender and social inclusion dimensions, both at the organisational and institutional levels, as well as at the planning, programming, coordination, monitoring and implementation levels.

Capitalizing on the studies carried out in the framework of the preparation of the Compact II and based on a participatory approach in its elaboration, the PAGIS makes it possible to (i) define the objectives of the various Compact II projects and activities in terms of social and gender inclusion; and (ii) structure the planned actions and related deadlines, as well as relevant indicators for measuring progress towards the achievement of the expected objectives.

The PAGIS will be reviewed and revised annually in consultation with all stakeholders.