Managed by a Director General, the MCA-Morocco Agency comprises functional and support structures, whose missions and responsibilities are defined in the decision establishing the Agency's organizational structure, taken by the Chairman of the Strategic Orientation Board, on the proposal of the Director General and after approval by the said Board.

For the fulfillment of its missions, the MCA-Morocco Agency is supported by external resources, namely:

Implementing entities set up at stakeholder level (ministerial departments and public institutions) to oversee the implementation of Compact II activities, while receiving technical assistance from the Agency.

The Procurement Officer, responsible for assisting the Agency in the development and execution of a procurement plan for the procurement of goods, services and works required to implement Compact II in an open, fair and competitive manner in accordance with MCC's procurement policy.
The Financial Officer is responsible for assisting the Agency in the development of the financial accountability plan, ensuring that disbursements of MCC funds are authorized and documented, reporting on disbursements of these funds and ensuring that records, including those of an accounting nature, relating to transactions are maintained.