Environmental and social management

Developed on the basis of the Framework-ESMS and after carrying out the various environmental and social studies, the operational SGES will integrate an environmental and social management programme and monitoring and follow-up plans that will make it possible to ensure the monitoring and environmental and social supervision of all the activities of the Comp.

The SGES will highlight, in an exhaustive manner, the legal, regulatory and normative provisions applicable to the Compact's activities (national and those related to MCC requirements), will identify the environmental and social issues and the measures to be taken, the stakeholders and the actions to be undertaken, as well as the human and financial resources required for its implementation.

The management program and the monitoring and follow-up plans will be regularly fed from data from the field, compiled at the level of the Project Management Units (PMU), consolidated and regularly evaluated at the level of the MCA-Morocco Agency and communicated to the Strategic Orientation Council.