Secondary Education Project: Enhancing Parent Involvement in Schools



Good relationships and active cooperation between families and schools are crucial to student success. With a view to better governance, by strengthening the role and participation of the Parent-Tutor Association (AMPTE), the 90 schools benefiting from the "Lycée Attahadi" model actively encourage parent involvement and adopt an inclusive approach by integrating them into school life.


In doing so, their increased presence confirms the importance that the "Secondary Education" project, part of the "Compact II" cooperation program funded by the United States government, represented by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), places on strengthening community partnerships, participatory methods and social inclusion.


The involvement of parents and guardians of students through AMPTE in the school life of the beneficiaries of the "Lycée Attahadi" model takes various forms. Among other things, parents and guardians participate significantly in the School Management Committee (CGE), as well as in all school activities, through their participation as volunteers in extracurricular activities or tutoring sessions, as intermediaries between families and the school in terms of social support, or as participants in celebrations or one-off events organized to promote the school's image.


Many schools also rely on the resources of AMPTE to support and sustain activities such as organizing open houses and field trips for students and improving living conditions in boarding schools. Other schools also involve AMPTE in strategies and means to combat perceived negative phenomena in the school environment, such as vandalism, bullying and violence.


The desired parental involvement continues beyond there. The schools that benefit from the "Lycée Attahadi" model also work to reinforce the legitimacy and benefits of learning, particularly with parents, so that they play an active role in relaying and reinforcing, at home, the interventions initiated within the schools for their children. Indeed, parental involvement in a child's education significantly impacts their academic performance and social development.

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