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Secondary Education

The "Secondary education" activity, with a budget of $112.6 million, aims to improve the quality and relevance of…



The "Employment" activity, with a budget of some $27 million, aims to improve labour market observation and promote…


Vocational Training

The "vocational training" activity, with a budget of some $80.42 million, aims to develop and improve the quality of…


The "Education and Training for Employability" project, whose budget is of the order of $ 220 million, aims to strengthen the employability of young people through the improvement of the quality of secondary education andtechnical and vocational education and training (TVET) and their relevance to the needs of the productive sector. This project is structured around three activities, namely "Secondary Education", "Technical and Vocational Education and Training" and "Employment".

The "Secondary Education" activity ($ 112.6 million) comprises three basic components: (i) the establishment of an Integrated School Improvement Model based on the strengthening of school leadership and management, school infrastructure improvementand pedagogical improvements and innovation for student-centered learning. This modelwill be piloted in nearly 100 public secondary schools in three regions (Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma, Fès-Meknès et Marrakech-Safi); (ii) the strengthening of the Student Learning Assessment System and of the Education Management Information System“MASSAR”;(iii) and the development of a new approach for the School Infrastructure and Equipment Operations and Maintenance.

The " Technical and Vocational Education and Training" activity ($ 80.42 million) is based on two components: (i) the establishment of a Charaka funddedicated to supportnewTVET centers or the conversion of existing public TVET centers into the framework of public-private partnerships; and (ii) support to operationalizingTVET Sector PolicyReform.

The "Employment" activity ($ 27 million) covers four components: (i) support tooperationalizingan integrated labor market observation system; (ii) promotion of integrated job placementservices forunemployed or economically inactive women and at-risk youththrough results-based financing mechanisms , (iii) support for impact evaluations of employment and labor market policies; and (iv) support for the promotion of gender equity in the workplace.


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