I am Wafaa Mokhlis, and this is my story..

 Hello everyone!

I am Wafaa Mokhlis, a 20-year-old Moroccan intern at the Specialized Institute of Building (SIB) in Casablanca, one of the fifteen technical and vocational education and training (TVET) Centers benefiting from the Charaka Fund that was set up by MCA-Morocco Agency as part of the second Compact financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Today, I want to share with you my story of an ambitious young woman who works, every day, to use her strengths, overcome weaknesses, and face all kinds of challenges for a better future!

I usually wake up early and start my day by doing household chores. Because my mother is not well, I always make sure she has everything she needs before leaving home, then I race to catch the bus. During the long one hour trip to SIB , I focus on clearing my mind of any negative thoughts , leaving room only for good dreams, ignoring the crowded bus that leaves me no room to move.

Wafaa chez elle entrain de préparer son petit déjeuner

During the tirp,I let my gaze wander to the scenes outside, to the construction sites along the route taken by the bus, imagining myself in work clothes carrying out major construction works, supervising the painting of the facade of a building …

Can I let you in on a secret? I note the smallest gestures of people who work on construction sites every morning, telling myself that I will be like them one day and I will be able to participate in the construction of new buildings, and, above all, contribute to the construction of a better living environment for my family.

Wafaa dans le bus, en route pour étudier à l'ISB

Once I arrive at the center, all the morning hassle (to which - do you remember? 😉 – I found a cure) fades away; I feel lucky and proud 💪 to benefit from a brand-new motivating training program that has been offered to us thanks to the fruitful cooperation between my country and the United States.

Wafaa à l'ISB

Thanks to the support of MCC through the TVET Charaka Fund, new buildings, classrooms equipped with the latest training  materials, equipment, and didactic tools, as well as spaces reserved for hands-on training, have been made available to us. The administrative staff of the institute and its teachers have been rigorously trained, so they are equipped to support us in our training course and ensure a good learning environment.


Wafaa en classe

I have encountered many young people who were forced to abandon their studies due to a lack of financial means or a favorable learning environment. Fortunately, I got the chance, like hundreds of students at SIB, to study cost-free at this TVET Center which offers a high-quality training to meet the needs of the labor market.


Wafaa révise ses cours

I am proud to have been able to study in the field of Civil Engineering which has always been dominated by men. Many young women, like me, who were drawn to certain construction sectors, such as painting and fitting-finishing, are more than ever determined to conquer other construction sectors, especially those considered “too rough” for women!

A Big Thank You 🙏 to all those who contributed to this project, and a Big Thank You 🙏 to MCC and to MCA-Morocco Agency for investing in improving our learning and strengthening our employability.

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