Support for the reform of vocational training

The second component of the "vocational training" activity concerns support for the operationalization of vocational training reform. This support, provided to the public and private actors concerned, aims to improve the quality of the vocational training system and its capacity to respond adequately to the needs of the productive sector and the various target populations, particularly women and disadvantaged social categories. This support also aims to strengthen the involvement of the private sector in the governance and management of the vocational training system at all levels of intervention (national, sectoral, regional and local) and in particular at the level of training centres and in all training modes (residential, apprenticeship, sandwich and continuing training). It also aims to ensure overall coherence of the vocational training system, especially with regard to the clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of the various actors, as well as the implementation of performance evaluation mechanisms as a basis for the allocation of funding. Under this component, annual conferences on the progress of vocational training are also planned. These conferences will provide a forum for the exchange and sharing of experiences and good practices, both at national and international level.