"Employment" Sub-Activity

The "Employment" Sub-Activity, with a budget of approximately $24.7 million, aims to improve labour market observation and promote inclusive employment. This Sub-Activity, implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Professional Insertion and The National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC), includes four components:

  1. The support to improving and integrating the labor market observation system: This component consists of developing and refining the overall and integrated architecture of this system and supervising its implementation on the basis of existing structures, data collection media, studies and research, mechanisms and tools, etc., and additional or new investigations to fill information gaps and integrate consolidated information into a unified and coherent statistical system. The expected objective is to improve the visibility of the labour market and to better inform decision-making by public authorities and socio-economic partners in the fields of employment, training and labour market regulation.


  1. The promotion of inclusive employment for people facing difficulty entering the labor market, especially women, non-graduates and graduates of higher education or TVET in a situation of long-term unemployment, through a Results-Based Financing (RBF) of services and support programs for their insertion. For this purpose, and following a call for projects, funding are granted to selected projects, consisting in providing intermediation and qualifying training services if necessary, for target populations. These projects are carried out by national or international NGOs, associations as well as private providers, national or international, operating in the field of ​​intermediation.


  1.  The support to impact assessment of employment and labor market policies: The Impact Evaluation Initiative (IEI) aims to develop and implement an innovative mechanism to promote the culture and practice of evaluation of employment and labor market policies in Morocco. Through a partnership with an international evaluation research institution, this mechanism consists of funding studies and national capacity-building activities on the evaluation of employment and labor market policies.


  1. The support to the promotion of gender equity in the workplace:  This  component consists of providing technical assistance for strengthening the capacity of  the Ministry of Labor and Professional Insertion and its institutional and socio-professional partners, in order to promote gender equity in the workplace and support companies that are potential candidates for the "Professional Equality Trophy" Initiative by providing them with the expertise required to carry out gender assessments and other activities promoting gender equality in the workplace.
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